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Getting in Touch, Spin Moves & Giving Your Robot Eyes

Hints Challenge: Instructions (Touch Sensor & Wheel Rotation Tips) Sensor
Touch Build Castor Bot and then add the front bumper (Bumper Car).  
#7 Go Hit Back Have your robot go forward until it hits the wall and then it backs up one rotation Touch
#8 Head Banger Make your robot move forward until it touches the wall (with the touch sensor). Make it then back up two rotations and repeat the action for a total of three times. Touch
#9 Go Hit Turn Make your robot bump into a wall, turn 90 degrees, and go forward again until it stops. Touch
#10 90, 180 and 360 Spins Have your robot spin in place 90 degress to the left, then 180 to the right, and then have it do a 360 to the left again and stop.  
#11 Figure 8s Have you robot do a figure 8 around the course using pivot turns  
#12 Figure 8 with Touch Have your robot do a figure 8 using the Touch sensor to chart its course. Touch
Ultrasonic Add the Ultrasonic Sensor (Explorer) to your Bumper Car.  
#13 Figure 8 with Ultrasonic Have your robot do a figure 8 using the Ultrasonic sensor to chart its course. (Ultrasonic Sensor Tips here.) Ultrasonic