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Switch Blocks

Hints Challenge: Instructions (Light Sensor Tips Here and Switch Block Tips Here.) Sensor
#18 Follow the line Have your robot use its light sensor to follow the dark line on the practice pad indefinitely. Light
#19 Twice Around the Loop Using the light sensor, have your robot go around the loop twice. Light
#20 Two Halves of a Circle Have your robat start (see diagram) and use the line to follow go around the broken circle twice and stop where it says finish. Light
#21 Smile & Frown The robot will go forward one roatation, have a smile appear on its screen, wait 2 seconds, back up one rotation, make a frown appear on the creen, and then stop.  
#22 Half Circle and Back Have your robot follow a circle half way around, and then using a move block, have it cut across the circle and continue to follow the circle and stop at the finish. Light
#23 Stop on Correct Gray Have your robot stop on the on the proper gray square (20%, 40%, 60% or 80%) when presented with 4 different gray squares laid out in a line in any random order. Light
#24 Mouse Have your robot move randomly until it finds a dark gray square or spot and then stop there. Ultrasonic & Light
#25 Ultra Hit Again Have your robot move forward until it touches the wall, it will then back up until the ultrasonic sensor senses that it is one foot away from the other wall. It will to it over and over again. Ultrasonic and Touch